Right at this moment I have samples on the bench drying with acacia/gum arabic as the release layer on two different papers. Gum arabic is nice stuff, shiny, smooth and clear, but also brittle if too thick, and needs to be dissolved in water once dried to peel away. If your layers can be soaked, maybe that will work. In our application the gum arabic presumably sits on top and never gets a chance to dry and stick.

Otherwise I have no idea: maybe you could look at some transparent tacky polymer, such as silicone, (not the kind with acetic acid, but the type used for fishtanks) if you don't need a strong bond and need to peel it. You might need a release layer for your release layer, perhaps a light film of silicone oil on one of the surfaces adjacent to the cured silicone, so it will peel away.

What's the adhesive used in clear packing tape? That peels, and is clear.