I wonder if I can get an advise from folks with experience.... My problem concerns properly matting and framing my work. I have two senarios:

1) The paper I'm going to print on is 11x14 but the image size is actually 9 1/2 x 12. At the bottom, additional 1/2" will be taken up by signature and title. (I am signing on the photograph, not the matting) This is a vertical work. You *could* say the total area to be "framed" in mat opening is 9 1/2 x 12 1/2. I'd like to basically have 3" matting but question really is what I should do with the bottom width. I understand that it is common to have wider border at the bottom by a little to adjust for visual centering of the work. But, if I add another 1/2" at the bottom, because of the signature space, the photograph part/image part will be 1" higher total. In other words, image will be 3" from top but 4" from bottom. Is that right or too much? What would you do?

2) This is the same type of issue but the work is horizontal. Image size will be 9 1/2 x 12 with additional 1/2" at bottom for signature. Would you increase the bottom width of the matting by another 1/2"?

I guess my MAIN CONCERN is, because the signature portion is raising the image by 1/2" already, would I add yet another 1/2" to the matting or not....

I really do not want to take this to a framer but want to do this by ordering from my usual frame source which is online. (Frame Destinations) So I really need to be precise in what I want.