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Still a bit odd. It would have been cheaper to simply continue to make 160NC and drop 160VC. Creating a new film, even tweaking an existing one takes some money. Good to see they're still spending some money on film R&D. Hopefully it will continue.
That's a sign they still have some money .

You see, the fact that they can market a new product instead of just cutting down products, will cause people to buy more of this new product, and additionally, to trust the future of the company more than if they just cut out some stuff. This will probably make more money than they have "lost" in the R&D of the new product, at least in the long run. And, it's a very good sign that they still can consider the long run.

For these reasons, and also for the simple reason that we have an even better film now, I'm don't feel gloomy at all. Quite the opposite.

And yes, Bob, your book rocks! It's a very good book to carry around and show to friends, because of the direct message the pictures give.