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Great to hear! You were making real progress. Looking forward to seeing more of your accomplishments!
Thank you for your supporting words!

I'm sure I will never give up emulsion making and coating, it's just so interesting and so much fun. And, it's nice to have this community here to share results with.

It is just that I have a bunch of other interests, too, to take my attention away from emulsions, but then after some time, I start feeling I want to get back to emulsions again for a while.

Heck, if I dedicated all of my time for emulsions, I'd already have a 3200 ISO color neg film with the grain of Ektar and sharpness of Technical Pan!! That'd be boring!

Currently I'm at the point that I should make my working prototype of corona treatment killing machine a bit more compact, reliable and safe, so the troubles in coating and the time wasted there would go down. I have already made my emulsion making so automated using the syringe pump...