Well you might have seen this but I though it is interesting..


Come on now guys film would be around for a long time..You guys was on to me when I posted a thread a while ago is film dying?

After some deep thinking I believe it will be around for a long time. I mean there is always rumors and such. I was a staffer for a newspaper and the fear was that newspapers would soon be gone because of the internet. True some have closed but the ones dedicated to community journalism will still be around and so does film. I mean Kodak is a huge company and in it for the money. What I would like to see from the film companies is to push and advertise film a bit more..Not that the public does not know film is here but to make it more appealing, etc..Maybe come up with a portable darkroom for starters or something to attract people in it

Take it from this site with 41K members if we all decide on a film company we can have them stick around with just us buying film...I think...