high speed photography is a good term to search under. I will show turn up circuits to build to trigger flash in non-conventional ways.

Due to the time lag between firing a bulb and the light reaching its best intensity it was common to hard wire multiple flash when using flash bulbs. I have a gadget I think was called a 'sputnik' that has one male PC terminal and three female PC terminals. The modern equivalent is to buy wireless triggers from gadget infinity or the like (poor man's pocket wizards) and set multiple receivers on the same channel as the single transmitter.

Flash bulbs firing circuits usually incorporate a capacitor, with a bleeder resistor to charge the cap. The capacitor ensures that there is enough current on hand to quickly initiate the priming paste inside the bulb.

Be prepared to be a bit of an electronics shop dabbler to advance these efforts. I am lucky that there are several such shops within a 20 minute drive; many areas are limited to mail order, which can cramp one's spontaneous creative urges.