Check out a Tilt-A-Mite flash, you can find them in ebay all the time, they run on 15v and have a capacitor in them to fire the flashbulb. I have fired mine with a little battery pack I made out of 10 AA batteries, I normally just hook it to the PC connector on either my Pentax 6X7, or Nikon FM, FA, or N90s. I did try slaving one off an SB-28 flash once, learn from my mistake and don't do that.

Anyway, you can use either a PC to PC extension cord, there is a the caver's method of having your friends fire the flash bulbs when you tell them to, or you can get those wireless flash slaves they sell on ebay. If there is a chance that you could kill a flash slave it may as well be a $20 one.

One other word of caution, do not fire a flashbulb in an enclosed space with or really close to a wet cell battery (motorcycle or car battery) they can explode, and photographers, models and kids firing flashbulbs with car batteries have been injured by this.

BTW, your about two weeks late, I tossed out my old altered Polaroid flash that I used to use on my Pentax, I would have given it to you, and yes, it was working and had a battery in it.