Received three cards in the last days:

From JohnnyWalker, a calm and very detailed print featuring a landscape that I would like even without the "human touch", but the fishing son makes it even more interesting! Did you tone it? The blacks are really strong!
From Dave Martiny, the random plant that does not show your desparation at all, but rather your eye for composition. Love the abstraction and the forms - and I like how you printed it: the whole tonal range is there, which fits this photo perfectly!
And finally, coming from Wheelock, VT, but unfortunately with an unreadable signature (Rolf? Rob?), an unidentified piece of farming equipment (is it?). I like the many different structures and surfaces in this photo!

Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has commented on my postcards so far, I really appreciate to read what you think about my photos!