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I don't have a Minolta Auto Meter V F. But if it's like my Minolta Auto Meter IV F, to measure reflective light, you need a "reflected-light attachment" which is a simple piece of black plastic, with a hole in the center. The reflected-light attachment is included with the meter.

I also have a 5-degree viewfinder, but it costs extra, and may be difficult to find.

You can download the manual from here.
The disc with a hole in it is the piece I just bought. I wondered if the 5' finder was necessary to make the disc work properly. I do have the users manual. Maybe there is a problem with my meter, but it has been OK in the incident mode. With the disc in place, the readings are so far out from my Luna Pro SBC that I'm sure there is a problem somewhere (maybe the user?). Anyway, Thanks for your input, it is appreciated.