Cards I’ve received thus far -

Dave Martiny’s Untitled: Nice repeating lines, and I like the way that they don’t draw to the middle, but instead are offset to one side. I think it adds to the interest, as does the inclusion of the terminal point of on (and only one) leaf.

Moopheus’ Street Sweeper: For me the crop does a good job of being the minimum needed to convey the power and noise of these machines. I find the patriotic icon/branding funny in light of what the sweeper is/does.

Oxleyroad’s Footprint, Sand and Pebbles: I love the composition, the detail, and the colour! Like others, I was under the impression that MGIV RC (my standard printing paper) did not tone well or much, especially compared to Ilford’s FB, but maybe I’ve been thinking of KRST and not sepia. This looks beautiful.

Mike Wilde’s three for the price of one – Post Industrial Abandon: Even with the bright sun and fluffy clouds, you managed to bring forth a sense of bleakness. Leo’s Fish & Chips: Great diner shot reminiscent of every greasy spoon in every small(er) town in North America. Love the look from the guy in the corner. Yonge at Dundas: I can’t stop smiling at this photo and the memories it brings back. The mixed aroma of popcorn and chestnuts, the little puffs of steam and smoke from the roaster, the red candy apples. Rockwell Jeans. I spent a fair amount of time in that arcade. Wonderful stuff.

Thanks to everyone so far.