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I am surprised by your batting average (it should be far higher).

I too often use a spot meter, but I find it very successful.

In my case, I pick on an easily metered patch in the scene, decide what zone (as per Ansel Adams), adjust the exposure to place that patch in the selected zone and blast away. (A single -"key tone"- reading is usually all I need)

This "key tone" method seems to work practically every time, and can be done (if the patch is big enough) even using a normal reflected light meter (even using the TTL metering, in manual mode). It produces great "contra jour" results (my favourite), and even works in heavily shaded situations (under trees, inside buildings).

Well, I often find myself chasing that last bit of sunlight and doing hasty metering. I'm also pretty picky with my negs, but ultimately my judgement can be off in finding something medium gray. That, and then trying/learning the BTZS has caused some interesting results. I'm guessing my development had more to do with some of that batting average than metering come to think of it. All is well though with Pyrocat HD now.