Thank you everyone! I kept checking my "Notifications", which stated that there was nothing in my Inbox, until I had the bright idea of actually checking my original post - when I found the replies! Just shows the extent of my ignorance regarding how Forums work... Please accept my apology for not having responded sooner.

The camera arrived in today's mail, and it's a beauty, in superb condition, apart from fungus in the lens, which is otherwise near-pristine. At some stage, I'll have it serviced. It has the remains of tape adhesive around the red windows, so some previous owner has given Bob-D659's suggestion a try.

I'll give it a go with some 400, to check whether I'll need to use the tape method (fridge magnet won't work, since the body is of aluminium alloy) since I'd prefer not to risk damage to the leather.

It's a very compact camera, virtually identical in size when closed to my 1950 35mm Zeiss Contessa, but noticeably lighter.