I'd rather have a smaller number of films, than none.

I too will miss the choice of VC or NC, but really, it must have been difficult for retailers to stock twice the film. This is a batten-the-hatches market. Film is a product with declining sales. Most Western economies are in a prolonged recession that has hit the retail sector very hard. While they may be promoting these newer versions as "better for scanning," I'm sure the real reason for changing the line is to simplify distribution in the face of lower sales. As Fuji also has been forced to do. We are lucky, in my opinion, that Kodak also has improved the product. Because my use of Portra 400 demonstrates clearly, to me, that it is improved. And it was already an excellent film.

The only constant is change. I'm old enough to resent that, but I hope I stay young enough to adapt.