My darkroom, which is still somewhat in progress is made of my bedroom and the bathroom. There is a hallway connecting the two with only one door to the living room and the rest of the apartment. I put dark cloths in the door way with clamps you can buy from home depot. I use blue masking tape to close some corners and etc.
I just got a stainless steel table, 2'x4'x3', with wheels from ebay for $135 with shipping. It has a wire shelf below the main table top, where I put all my chemicals and etc.

My LPL 7451 sits in my room, on top of an Ikea drafting table that my friend gave to me. It has these triangle legs with a small shelf near the floor. I put all my paper there. I put focuser, and etc, enlarger accessories around my enlarger. I have a rotor cutter right next to the baseboard.

I have a Thomas duplex safelight in the hallway, so, no safe light in the bathroom. Thomas light is bright enough that I can see fairly well in the bathroom.

I put all my chemicals in on the stainless steel table. I expose, I walk over, and I develop the print.

One of the trickiest component is the ventilation. I got a vent from Home Depot, plus fold out tubing, I basically put the vent right next to the stop and fixer. The exhaust tube actually runs into my bedroom, out of my window. I had to do some tricky cutting of foam board and darkroom plastic sheets.

That's pretty much it. I still need to tweak a few things here and there. I want the place to be completely dark, so, I can print during the day. Which has been somewhat difficult.