You did good. Buyer is happy with the work you exchanged for their money. Excellent! Couldn't think of a happier ending.

Once I ended up 'donating' my portrait services, for a single person portrait, to a silent auction at my step son's school. It was for a fund raiser for buying a van for the school to transport the kids to various activities. Somebody bid 50 bucks and won it. I spent something like 12 hours of my time visiting their house, instead doing a group portrait, which I really wasn't set up to do, four rolls of 120 film, processing chemistry, and 25 sheets of Ilford Warmtone 11x14 fiber paper, mat board, and frames, totaling multiple times what they paid for it.
Now that stunk! Badly. I could have just given the school the money instead. I wasn't even happy with the pictures.

You got properly paid for something by someone who knows how to appreciate your skill, ending up helping both them and yourself. Feel good about it. You deserve it!

- Thomas

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Two weeks ago I received the largest reprint order I've had in many years and I gleefully accepted even though the portrait was not what I consider completely successful. I needed the money but more importantly, four years ago I ruptured a disk in my back and I knew that this job was going to put me through the wringer. Well tonight I finished the printing and tomorrow I start the matting and framing. I'm going through Norco, like popcorn and it is truly a godsend. My husband is very supportive but can do very little to help me as he knows very little about the process and keeps saying "that's good enough. Nobody but you can see the difference." On the bright side, the commission is substantial enough to pay the taxes on the property and the home owners insurance and still have enough left over to replenish our savings which have been pretty decimated since the economic downturn. I guess I just want someone to tell me that it's okay to feel bad about taking money for something you feel you could have done better. Anybody else ever felt this same ambivalence? Thanks for answering.
Denise Libby
P.S. The client just loves the portrait and I suppose that's what's important.