Lowepro bags are generally excellent. In years past, I used Magnum bags for 35mm and 4x5 field camera equipment. I think it's still available. If it is, it holds a lot of equipment and provides excellent protection. They were kind of expensive when I used them back in the 80's and probably cost a lot more now.

Currently, I'm using an F64 for my Pentax 645 outfit and an unbranded generic nylon bag for my Mamiya C330 outfit.

I don't know the model of the F64 bag--I've had it for several years. It has detachable end pockets and it's heavily padded. It easily holds a Pentax 645 with 75mm lens, 35/3.5, 45/2.8 and 150/3.5 with numerous filters, lots of film and stuff.

The other bag is so old the brand tag has fallen off. It was cheap, cheap, cheap but it's held up well for many years.