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I use FP4+ and Tri-X developed in trays with pyrocat HD. I've been able to nail down the time for Tri-x for silver printing; 7.5 min. 2:2:100 @ 68F 200EI. Not sure about the FP4+ though. I've used 9min 2:2:100 @68F 80EI and got some good negs and some under developed ones. The worst were developed this past weekend. These last ones could be the developer has gone off, it's 8 months old now. Mixing some more is on the list for this weekend as well.

In fact your time for FP4+ is very close to what I would recommend. I develop this film Pyrocat 2:2:100 at 72 F for about nine minutes, with rotary develoment (in tubes, constant agitation). This should gives a density range with UV processes of around 1.6 to 1.8.