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I use 'Seal Colormount'. It really made for RC but it works well for RC and FB.
The problem was that older dry-mounting presses used shellac based tissues which needed high temperature, and until the late 70's or early 80's that was all that was widely available.

With the widespread take up of PE & then RC papers which almost wiped out FB papers there were problems with dry-mounting as the temperatures affected the plastics/resins. So new synthetic tissues were formulated which worked at far lower temperatures, these were PE/RC friendly, however they also work just as well with FB papers.

To answer the OP, my own press is a very old Ademco, from the 40's or 50's but it works fine for both RC & FB papers, and with the modern lower temperature tissues I still use the same high power setting, but for a fraction of the times needed for shellac tissue.