I've been in your position a few months ago, and I ended up buying Chamonix 045N-2 instead. Considering very little difference in price, the main benefits are
1) Universal bellows, so it works perfectly with my 90mm Super Angulon, and I bet there would be no problems with 65mm either.
2) Fresnel lens (properly aligned) on the ground glass, so focusing with a wide angle lens is not too painful.

The workmanship for Chamonix cameras is really really good, I am very pleasantly surprised.


Speaking of your questions:
1) movements may be very restricted with 65mm lens when using standard bellows.
2) You can focus using standard glass, but light falloff would make focusing difficult near the edges. Fresnel is better.
3) Yes, fresnel screens work just fine with longer lenses. The only problem is properly aligning the screen, so you are not shifting the focus.