I've now recieved a handful of cards - hanging off the edge of the continent here means I'm always a few days behind everyone else - even other Canadians.

A building detail from Wheelock - I think from Robert McCann. Nice tonal range.
"Into the Light" by Rudeiger. I like the low viewpoint.
Fishing by Johnny Walker - a photo that illustrates why BC is the best place to live.
Meltronic's pastoral scene with deer - very peaceful, and the perfectly posed deer is amazing.
"Footprint, Sand, Pebbles" by oxleyroad - The longer format works well with the contrast in texture between the 2 sides.
"Canal St" by Moopheus - graphic, good details chosen.
Dave Martiny's random plant - gotta love the lovely edges to those leaves.
Vlad's "Opium" - interesting selective focus.

My cards went in the mail yesterday. After reading all the differnt suggestions on how to optimize labels I decided it was less challenging to handwrite tham all. Previously I've made labels, but it's always driven me nuts to copy and paste and get things lined up right. Giving myself permission to take my time and address a dozen or so on those evenings when I'm sit in front of the TV, was much less stressful.
My fellow Canucks all got boring stamps on theirs (sorry) but everyone elsewhere got oddball combinations. I used up old stamps I found at the back of the drawer bolstered by small denominations as needed. Lots of licking! If you don't like the photo, you can always look at the pretty stamps.