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Tony E - Luna Park

That reflection is absolutely amazing! I wonder the same thing that was asked before, did you know the area and knew there was a dip there, or did you just get 'lucky'? I like the slight blur you've gotten in the ferris wheel, just enough to make it a 'static image that shows movement' without letting it turn into a whirling grey mass. I have to say, two things on your printing, I'm very surprised by the tone of the paper, not nearly as cool toned as I would have expected from that paper, the face almost even looks a touch warm (probably in comparison to the rest of the picture). The second thing... AMAZINGLY STRAIGHT BORDERS!!!...
I was attending a corporate function at Luna Park and took my Mamiya 7 and a light tripod along. I noticed the puddle mid-afternoon on the way in and thought there might be some possibilities as dusk approached with the eyes and teeth glowing in the reflection. I have seen several similar images over the years. One with more water in the puddle and a wider angle view and one just of the reflection which currently appears on Robert Billington's web site. Yes, also very familiar with the place having photographed it many times at various times in different ways,

As for the print tone it was developed in a warm dilution of LPD and selenium toned which would have tamed some of the coolness. Somewhat shattered that the only feature which made it into capitals was the borders! Nothing more than a decent Saunders easel and the back of some cast off prints with ruled markings on them!

Thanks for taking the time to comment on everyone's prints.