I sort of know what the above quote means and have to say that MGWT provides the best low value separation of the two Ilfords. In some devs the image tone can be a touch too green, but in fresh dev, or cooler tone devs, it is a lovely off neutral and looks stunning untoned. When I first collected from prints from Robin Bell I was amazed by how beautiful this paper can look untoned and unmolested, if the printing is done right and the developer is chosen well. In fact I think this paper looks better untoned than toned for documentary work and only once in a while will I use a dash of selenium to deepen blacks and only when there is no danger of introducing noticeable colour shift. If you make a best print on MGIV and then do the same on MGWT I have generally found the MG IV print looks inferior. I have found that MGIV really benefits from printing a bit soft and given a hammering in selenium. MGWT seems to allow for that sort of lusciousness and depth without being messed with. When you have a large number of exhibition prints to make it makes a huge different to time and also predictabilty of outcome. Toning is one more variable to contend with. I never thought I would be saying these words, but now I am a convert to the straight print for most applications.