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If you make a best print on MGIV and then do the same on MGWT I have generally found the MG IV print looks inferior. I have found that MGIV really benefits from printing a bit soft and given a hammering in selenium. MGWT seems to allow for that sort of lusciousness and depth without being messed with. When you have a large number of exhibition prints to make it makes a huge different to time and also predictability of outcome.
Agree with all of these statements.

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Toning is one more variable to contend with. I never thought I would be saying these words, but now I am a convert to the straight print for most applications.
I don't like straight print from MGIV either, but do for MGFB Warmtone.

However, even though toning is "one more variable", I still love toned results on most papers. It really transforms MGIV paper prints, but like you imply, is less of a necessity, or even undesirable, with MGFB Warmtone. I have found tones to easily become to "warm" or especially nasty "orange" while sepia toning the Warmtone paper. You really have to do partial tonings with Warmtone. Not a problem with MGIV.