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Steve, is it possible to purchase GAF 125 somewhere or do you make your own? All I found on search was the recipe.
I mix my own from scratch and do not believe the formula is ready packaged but you might want to give the Photographers Formulary a call on the chance they make something comparable.

As to Marco B's comment on the differences between MG1V and MGWT. Your observation is correct, however, it is a function of the emulsion and not so much the brand of paper. MG1V is a straight bromide emulsion which produces colder tones as well as faster printing speeds. I believe the D max of both papers to be very close however because the MGWT is a split of bromide and chloride in the emulsion the low value contrast is greatly enhanced and the perception of a deeper black becomes a factor.

Believe me, I have been chasing this elusive quality since Portriga died a slow death in the early nineties. There simply is no pure bromide paper that will provide the micro contrast in the low values that a chloro bromide paper can, this is true with any manufacturer.

There is also a difference in the air dried gloss between the papers and that may have something to do with your impression of lower D max with MG1V. You can greatly increase the gloss of any paper surface by heating the still moist print. I regularly have to do this with Portriga Rapid, I hang the print to drip and when the majority of the paper is no longer shinny from water sheeting off the surface of the print I place the print on a piece of flat metal in a pre heated oven to 200 degrees for about 3 minutes and the resulting gloss is extremely high, some of which goes away with dry mounting just as any other paper loses a bit of gloss.