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In fact I think this paper looks better untoned than toned for documentary work and only once in a while will I use a dash of selenium to deepen blacks and only when there is no danger of introducing noticeable colour shift. If you make a best print on MGIV and then do the same on MGWT I have generally found the MG IV print looks inferior. I have found that MGIV really benefits from printing a bit soft and given a hammering in selenium. MGWT seems to allow for that sort of lusciousness and depth without being messed with.
Tom, I couldn't agree more about printing slightly soft and then hammering MGIV in selenium, plus I think it looks great that way, wonderful cold blue black. But I just don't see it with MGWT un-toned. Maybe I just haven't found the right developer with it yet. I'm going to try Evan Clarke's addition of more carbonate and benzotriazole to 130. I've heard this is great with MGWT.