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Thanks for the post Steve! Just curious, when you re-printed the split-toned MGIV prints, how did that translate over to MGWT? Did you just print them like all the other MGWT prints in your show (just selenium toned)? Or did you slightly sepia toned them as well?
After seeing some of my MG1V split toned prints side by side with MGWT prints in a show I had this past January in Springfield Mass. I decided I needed to reprint some of the images. While the MG1V prints had an interesting color split to them in the end the prints just didn't replicate the same tonal quality that the MGWT prints exhibited.

I chose to reprint images that would benefit from the enhanced micro contrast of MGWT in the mid to low values. The GAF 125 developer really brings out a color that is most pleasing to me with just a slight selenium toning to finish the process. I have tried sepia toning the MGWT but have yet to fine a combination I like as much as the straight MGWT in GAF 125

The Toronto show is large enough where different processes or toning schemes would be acceptable. There are several Azo prints which have been split toned with a thiourea sepia process that are quite striking. That said, Azo is a pure chloride emulsion and exhibits all the micro contrast one could hope for so the final color is the major concern.