Battleship grey wood B&J lens board with 2-3/16 in. hole, from an 8x10 Grover camera. Not sure if this works with 5x7 as well.

In decent condition. Has a few small paint chips, and is missing most of the paint from the rim of the hole. Has a 1-1/2 in. crack near the hole, but the board is still light tight. You can put some 3M photo tape on both sides of it just to make sure.

Board has three small screw holes in the front from the lens that was mounted on it.

It ain't perfect, but it works, and it's cheap. Asking $10 shipped to U.S.A. only. Payment via money order or personal check. I will ship this before check clears, as it is only $10.

I have described the item accurately, and it is sold as is. You are responsible for making sure this will work in your possible application, as I do not know my B&J history.

I am sorry, but taking photos is out of the question for an item that is only $10 shipped.