Yes, the same filters work the same. No reason they would not unless you change papers. There will be a slight contrast difference, however.

Exposure times will be similar if you keep your enlarger's height about the same as it is when you enlarge. If they are too long or short, you can use the lens aperture to adjust your times. No need to worry about opening all the way up or stopping all the way down if necessary; the lens' optical performance doesn't matter any more with contact printing. You could shine a light through the back of a Holga and probably get the same quality as with an enlarging lens. As long as the illumination is even, you are fine with whatever lens. Some folks don't even use a lens, or an enlarger for that matter.

All this stuff is trivial compared to the real source of stress with contact printing. IMHO, cleanliness (e.g. DUST) is the biggest hurdle to getting a good contact print. I'd keep a neg brush and compressed air always within reach, and use cotton gloves. Always have some good glass cleaning supplies nearby too. Use an air filter, ionizer, hang a plastic trash bag, print in the nude, whatever you have to do to keep dust at a minimum.