My six prints are ready and will be in the mail shortly.

I thought, how difficult can it be to make six prints; but I forgot Murphy's Law (BTW, O'Toole thought Murphy was an optimist!). My first printing session was sabotaged by cross-contaminated trays (community darkroom). Initially I suspected the paper (Ilford Cooltone), but a professional photographer friend of mine said it was contamination, so I went with that. Printing session #2: after thoroughly washing all the tools and printing one "test" print (negative for contamination ), I proceeded to batch process the requisite six prints in pairs. Much to my chagrin, the prints got darker the more I printed! Getting the right exposure became a game of hit-and-miss. Fast forward to PS#3. Switched to another enlarger (same model: Omega Super Chromega D Dichroic II). Need I say, same results! Between the last two session (and way to many sheets of paper), I think I have six "identical" prints.

P.S. Has the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ affected any of you? From what I have seen in the news, it is devastating to say the least.