Hope I'm in the right subforum. Have not found one about DIY.

I intend to build my own chemical flashbulbs. It will be an oxygen filled and sealed glass recipient with aluminium foil snipplets.

What I don't know is how to ignite the aluminium.
I thought about running two electrodes with a tiny gap between them inside the recipient and connect them to a loaded condensator (best a high capacity goldcap) to produce a spark. Was this done so in the industry produced flashbulbs? Or was the ignition by incandescent filament?

What I know is that in the industry produced flashbulbs a chemical ingitor (a priming paste or powder) existed inside the bulb that got hot and was sputtered around to ignite the aluminium or magnezium foil or wire.
Can somebody point me to information what the chemical used as primer was, how it was applied and how it got ignited and provoqued to sputter?