Encouraged by my last experiment, today I did another test roll of Kodachrome 64, expired in 2008 (stored in a freezer ever since.) I rated it at ISO 12 and shot it in an Olympus OM-2 with 50/1.8 lens. I'm not sure if anyone is at all interested, but here is a detailed breakdown of how I did it:

KR64 @ISO 12

Developing procedure:
  1. Dish soap pre-wash
  2. 12 minutes in ID-11 (not fresh and sorry, don't know temp)
  3. Stop bath (proper acid stop bath)
  4. Fix for 15 minutes
  5. Fuji Quickwash for 1 minute
  6. 10 minutes wash

- I elected to pre-wash with some dish soap, hoping to get the remjet off. I agitated heavily for 20 ~ 30 seconds, then let it sit. When I poured the mixture out it was this nice honey color.

- I developed in ID-11 for 12 minutes. Constant agitation for the 1st minute, then 10 seconds every minute.

- Stopped twice for around 1 minute with proper acetic acid mix.

- Fixed for 15 minutes. Constant agitation for the first minute, then stand for the remainder.

- Fuji Quick Wash for 1 minute.

- Rinsed and let sit in water for 10 minutes.

- After the 10 minute wash, I took the negatives out and examined them. They appeared "dim", so I squeejeed them, and with that the remjet layer came off, and after a few runs it was almost completely gone, revealing some decent negatives. Some images have streaks through them, from what I'm not sure (left over remjet and/or scratches, I believe.)

The resulting images are quite nice. Rather grainy, but good contrast. I've uploaded the image to the galleries, as well.