Well, I have almost a full container (kitty litter bucket) of mostly potassium permanganate /sodium bisulfate bleach and sodium bisulfite clear bath (also a little bit of dektol and wash water. Fixer is still good, so none in this current container). There is a bit of dark gray "dust" on the bottom of the container that swirls around when I pick the bucket up. Is that silver or some other stuff forming solids and falling to the bottom? I ask because it's not much but seems to be quite a lot if it's silver. I'd say the bottom of the bucket is like 4x10 or 4x12 inches (estimating because the bucket is in my darkroom/shed outside), and there's a very thin but noticible layer on the bottom of something.

For the record, I've developed only 2 or 3 rolls of film. I've read that the bleach bleaches out quite a bit of silver because black and white slides require less silver than black and white negs. If this stuff is indeed silver, could that be the reason for the mass of silver lining the bottom of my kitty litter bucket? Thanks in advance

BTW, I'd post a picture, but my main computer is in the shop. It has slots for memory sticks, so I never bought one of those portable card readers. Now I'm left with no way to upload pictures from my point and shoot camera until I get my main compy back