I am on the fence on this. Sue will be out of town either Friday and Sat or Sat and Sunday. Would love to drive up and see you all.

Speaking of old prints, I have a dilema I have some of my Grandfather's prints and that of his friend Nickolas Boris and they are beginning to show their age. Mr. Boris's prints are EPIC and beautiful, and my grandfather's are good too byt Mr. Boris was an exceptional photographer. They need attention and I am no archivast but they need an additional 100 years or more to bring joy.

If I can make it up then I would love to show them to you all and see what you think. If not sometime in the near future. I probably should start a new thread on APUG (1 million plus posts YEA) for advice. I have digital scans of most of them and could post a few to show what I mean.

Mr. Boris was Greek and some of his images are online. I have a print of the men with the nets, plus some rather stunning ones not shown here. See some here