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And us carbon printers toss in a bunch of sugar, too!

Does the alcohol itself help keep the beasties away (I use about 10ml of 100% isopropyl per 750 ml of glop)?

And does the exposure time under the UV lights (even tho it is not the deadlier UVC) help kill the beasties?
Rotten carbon glop is one evil smell! YUK! Had it happen once, and now everything gets a dash of thymol.

Isoprop is an effective bacteriocial only at higher concentrations (i.e. 70% used in prep-pads), so I doubt it does much for 'glop'. A thin layer of isop floated atop gelled glop does provide a barrier against critters - it can be poured off before use.

There are plenty of beasties that thrive in full sunlight, so I doubt a typical exposure is going to have a major disinfectant effect. Post-printing hardening with an aldehyde will sterilize a carbon print, it was a fairly common practice in the "old days"