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Maybe it should get it's own TV show? I heard OK and Hello are interested too..
TV and newspaper rights are in the bag

So.. I have the discs with the neg scans on them and have them all ready to upload.. But I'm only allowed to upload 5 images at a time which at that rate would take me almost a week to upload all the shots. So Tim and I are working on a way of getting them all up in one foul (or should that be fowl) swoop. So check back in tomorrow and hopefully we'll have news for you then. Watch his space...

The good news is that all the shots on the SureShot came out and I absolutely love the effect the Ektar gives the shots. Whether it's the film and or the length of time it was in the camera or or a mix of both or indeed he fact that it crossed many borders and flew many airlines... I absolutely love it.

The bad news is that only 20 came out of the B&W single use.. Not sure who we're missing but as soon as we can get them posted I'll be asking everyone to claim their own.

Well done and congrats again everyone for getting this baby home!