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I believe Francis Fukujama has under-thought his analogies.

Photography, making pictures out of light sensitive materials, is like playing musical instruments not merely playing records. A photograph is not a reproduction of subject matter, not a copy or a duplicate or a replica. It is an original thing in its own right and subject matter is just one of the ingredients borrowed and then set aside in the chain of production.
I totally agree with you.

I have always wondered what's wrong with these people who compare photographing with a film camera to playing vinyl records. Really the only common nominator is that they are "retro" (according to some). If it's all that matters, then fine, but I disagree strongly with that kind of attitude. I use film because it rocks now. OTOH, I play records if I have a record of a good piece of music, also because it rocks now.

But still, I think that even this kind of distinction should be welcomed and will do more good than bad. If only they could understand that Kodachrome is not same as all film, and in fact just a niche product even when compared to other films (unfortunate fact, like it or not, sorry Kodachrome fans...), and if they told that really good film is readily available even today.