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I totally agree with you.

I have always wondered what's wrong with these people who compare photographing with a film camera to playing vinyl records. Really the only common nominator is that they are "retro" (according to some).
That and they're both widespread activities. Many people have some sort of camera, and some sort of music listening device. Both have largely been converted to consumer digital electronics. A far smaller portion of the populace plays an instrument (though of course, some. Some schools still offer band and music classes, and kids are always trying to start bands. I myself own a nice clarinet I've never really learned to play). And while there are digital instruments, they haven't wiped out conventional instruments to the same degree.

Yeah, he's make the assumption that if you aren't willing to spend infinite amounts of money to get marginal improvements, then you obviously just don't care or can't tell the difference. It doesn't occur to him that most people just have to live with "good enough" because it's what they can afford and it works well enough for most people's daily nonobsessive lives.

Fortunately for us, photography doesn't have to be very expensive to get good results. And also, if you just want to see prints, there's always museums and galleries.