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I smile when I read this, John.

(I don't like any of the equipment you mentioned above, regardless of price. I've heard a lot less expensive equipment that sounds better than that. It's like matching your paper to a paper developer, and then making your negatives fit that combination. It's all about matching components, and if it isn't done right, it doesn't matter what the price tag it, it will still sound like garbledegook. I have heard transistor radios that were more fun to listen to than the Mark Levinson stuff).
I didn't mention all that gear as if I preferred it...it's what the shop had set up to audition. Ironically, since I'm a professional musician and teacher, I listen to the radio far more often than my modestly competent audio system. But, I don't confuse the two. When listening to poorly reproduced music, my brain seems to interpolate what isn't present in quality in behalf of the music that's a lot more important. Good grief, that sounds dangerously like a brief in behalf of conceptual photography....bad, bad, bad me!!!!!!!!!!!