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I didn't mention all that gear as if I preferred it...it's what the shop had set up to audition. Ironically, since I'm a professional musician and teacher, I listen to the radio far more often than my modestly competent audio system. But, I don't confuse the two. When listening to poorly reproduced music, my brain seems to interpolate what isn't present in quality in behalf of the music that's a lot more important. Good grief, that sounds dangerously like a brief in behalf of conceptual photography....bad, bad, bad me!!!!!!!!!!!
Bad you...

I didn't wish to imply that you thought the auditioned mega buck whizzbango audio masturbation concoction was any of your preference. Please forgive me if I did.

Music can be so wonderful, but when it becomes more about the gadgets than it does the music, then I feel something is missing.

- Thomas