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Glad you are coming. "How about meeting up there 11 to 12:00?" Do you mean at the restaurant or the show at 11-12?

I suggested meeting at the show at 10 AM when it opens. If people want we can then meet at the restaurant at 12. After lunch, assuming it is okay with Dolly, we can go to our house to look at prints.

Yes at the Musketeers at 12:00. In case anyone from out of town can't make it to the swapmeet, they can plan on finding us all at the Musketeers.

Yes, I'll bring the 90 Topcor. Its on the camera now and I'd be glad to show it to you. I can confirm that it does take 77mm filters. Igor has one for $475. If you let him know, he will bring it to the swap meet.