Great to have a dedicated forum for these posts!

I will be doing a three-day workshop on children's photography and natural light portraiture March 21 - 23. The workshop will be in Hertfordshire at Fanham's Hall.

I'm still in need of a few fun kids to help us out in practicing techniques for photographing children. The dates are March 21 and March 23 (afternoon), with 2 -3 subjects needed for each of those days. I'm looking for kids between the ages of 3 and 10; there are no other qualifications. Although I realize these are school days, I think it would be a fun experience for older kids, and it's always interesting to watch how various photographers docment your children. Ideally, I'd like to have a nice range of ages and personalities. Siblings are definitely welcome.

As a thank-you, I'll provide a signed 8x10 print of each child, and you also might receive additional prints from students in the class. There are approximately fifteen students, so it should be a comfortable (read "non-intimidating") experience for all. Information about the workshops can be found at
If you are interested, please either PM me or e-mail me at I'd like to finalize all arrangements as soon as possible.

- CJ