I would be interested in giving a week-end workshop in Carbon Printing this summer up in your area.

I would like to keep the cost low, but to do so there would have to be the interest in the Vancouver area, a place to give the workshop, and some basic equipment available. This would keep me from having to haul a van load of equipment (trays, UV light source, chemicals, etc) up from California.

We would need a place for the workshop, as I mentioned -- hopefully at little or low cost (as in a large private darkroom or university). A place to park my VW campervan so I would not have to pay for a motel would also be great...perhaps a local campground (but not an "RV park").

The workshop would cover all aspects of making carbon prints and could work one or two ways:

1) I make all the carbon tissue at home and bring them with me -- the workshop would be all day Saturday and Sunday (unless the participants prefer weekdays) and we would print with the tissue I bring (but we would still make some tissue during the workshop, but would not be able to use them.)


2) We meet on a Wednesday afternoon/evening and make the tissue -- it takes two days to dry, so we would print with it on Saturday and Sunday. We would need space to set all the tissue out to dry, with a fan or two blowing on them for the first 12 hours or so. I'd probably go off and photograph the Thursday and Friday.

Either way, the goal is to have the participants making carbon prints -- and gain enough knowledge and experience to carry on with the process after the workshop.

If there are 5 people interested, I think we could keep the cost to about $200 each (US or Canadian dollars). If the venue is large enough, I could handle eight participants.

Any interest?