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I have almost decided to get a Shen Hao PTB45 + 65mm and 90mm lenses + 6x12 / 6x9 roll film holder.

1) does the PTB45 need a bag bellows or/and recessed lens board for movements with the 65mm (when shooting 6x9)?

2) for 65mm and 90mm lenses, would it be wise to get an Ebony screen with wide-angle fresnel ? Or could I manage with the standard Shen Hao screen as I mainly will shoot 6x9 and 6x12?

3) could an Ebony screen with wide-angle fresnel be used with longer lenses, say 150mm or 250mm?

Any help appreciated !
Hi , I will be putting my Shen Hao C/W bag bellows and 6x17 rollfilm back on the market very soon if you are interested ,oh and to answer your question on the Shen hao i use the bag bellows on 90 and wider . Regards Gary