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But 50 would give the viewer that perspective of seeing it as it is.
Well sometimes.

It depends on the planned print size and viewing distance. These two factors create a very specific angle of view.

An 8x10 print to be viewed at arms length indicates the use of what most people call a "normal" lens.

To get a 16x20 to look "normal" at arms length a wider lens is needed.

A 5x7 print would "need" a longer lens to make it look "normal".

This effect is easiest to see on very large prints from wide angle lenses but true of any lens. As you move closer to the print the perspective distortions disappear and the view becomes "normal".

Saw a huge print of O'Keeffe by Karsh in Santa Fe at the O'Keeffe museum. I was with a group at a workshop. As a group we naturally found the "normal" viewing distance, i.e. we stopped at roughly the same place on the floor to view it. Most of the other people there did the same thing.