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There is also an 8x10"->4x5" reducing back that fits the non-metering back. I'm not sure if there is one for the 8x10" metering back. With a reducing back, you can't take advantage of the asymmetric movements on a P, but...
I know this is an old thread, but still relevant.
I'm new to the Sinar system (as of today!) with an 8x10 P. Why is there the limitation with reducer backs? I'll be shooting more 5x7 than 8x10, and was thinking a reducer back would be cheaper than a conversion kit.
If the reducer back is on the same plane as the 8x10 frame, and the 8x10 frame is mounted to the bearers, what changes to remove the advantage of asymmetric movements between 8x10 and the smaller format reducers?
The film plane is still perpendicular to the bearer. What am I missing?