With spring fast approaching, i've been thinking about getting a "big camera" to use for my landscape / nature -ish stuff.

Before now i've been using 6x9 cameras. I started with a rittreck / optika SLR at first that i got from a fellow APUG member. Despite it weighing about 30 lb it was great - i actually used it handheld most of the time, which was surprisingly easy with the waist level finder. Unfortunately the shutter conked out. After that i tried a mockba 5, which i got cheap because the shutter was off on the slow speeds. I cleaned it out and got it working again. It's a really fun camera, but i'm a little disappointed in the lens.

So, i've been looking over my options and thinking about going from 6x9 to 4x5. Not in small part because there aren't a lot of 6x9 options. There's the Mamiya Press, the fuji rangefinders, the fuji 680 and the baby graphics.

In 4x5, there are a ton of options from monorails to SLRs, and it's messing with my head. Add to that the fact that some of the 6x9 options have limited movements, and that you can get 6x9 and 6x12 backs for 4x5 cameras, and I really have no idea what to get.

So i guess i'm looking to figure out what to look for.

I guess of utmost importance would be speed. I don't want to spend more than 5 minutes to set up and tear down the kit, including packing it in and out of the truck. Being able to go handheld is a great bonus, but not entirely necessary. Something that i can get a nice wide and a normal for. Maybe movements, except i've never used them so i've no idea if i need them or not. And hopefully it won't break the bank.

Sorry if my post is a little incomprehensible, my brain is a little fried from thinking too hard about something that should probably be fairly simple. Thanks.