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It's bizarre that both camera 7's went missing at the same time, never to return.
It is indeed bizarre and a little frightening... I sense a fiendish plot afoot..

Anyhoo.. that said here's the news on Camera 6 and it's contents.
Tim has the ability to upload more than the designated 5 photo's per person so what he suggested is that I email the photo's to him and he'll upload them to the group.

So he is now the proud possessor of all the shots from the B&W and the Colour films and he'll have them up as soon as he can.

Pcyco this is the quickest and easiest way to get all the shots up.. if I mailed them to everyone individually I'm not so sure I could trust the postal system any more!

So basically everyone... Watch this space.. again

And news of Camera 8 is imminent....