The Orbix tilt has several things to recommend it. To begin with, it is not garden variety axis tilt. It is a nodal point tilt design. This means that when you use it, you focus on the far, like a base tilt, and tilt for the near. If you have not used any rise at this point, you will find that the far has not gone out of focus. You are done with the tilt! If you have some rise on you will still save time with far fewer iterations, than any other type of tilt. Should you now need a swing the camera will not yaw as most axis tilt cameras do. Very quick. More info at
I love mine and use it on many images.
You can no longer get retrofitted Orbix. You must buy the camera with it. Or purchase a new frame with it already installed.
Micro-Orbix tilt(geared) though, is a must if you ever want to go digital with your fline camera as the demands of digital are at least 4 times higher than for film.