Boy, have I ever been remiss!

I’ve received another 13 cards since I last commented:

Allen Friday - “Steam Locomotive” - a beautiful shot, very well printed (the smoke looks three dimensional
crispinuk - “Slices of Southsea” - what a neat camera, and a fascinating montage as a result
djhopscotch - “Ceiling Detail” - I too am always fascinated to look up - well seen!
DrZish - “Old Quarry” - an interesting approach - the rocks are massive
gordrob - “2816" - fascinating detail, and the print shines
hwv - “Doors?” - a nicely seen detail - its so mysterious
markrewald - “Playa del Carmen” - nicely represented tones and texture
Mick Fagan - “Lake Cawndilla Kinchega NP” - otherworldly, and well printed
Rob Skeoch - “Old Car” - very atmospheric image, and well printed on intriguing new Ilford paper
rst - “Alte Brücke” - a wonderfully atmospheric pinhole image
rtbadman - “Reflection” - really enjoy the mixing of the various frames
Tim Gray - “NFL” - does a great job of communicating how crowded the venue is, and well printed too
Valerie - “Purple Mountain House” - intriguing - I wonder where my Brownie Starmatic is?

21 down, 7 to go

By my records, I’m still waiting for cards from amiett, andrewkirkby, Black Dog, Eric Mac, Fleath, Pete H and Samad Asad. If I’m mistaken, my apologies.

Thanks to everyone for participating.