Hi Paul. ( George above)

thank you for your welcome to the forum. I am gonna give it a try anyway... I have not been to active with digital and I find all the post picture processing rather un-exiting... its hard to explain it. What I see and lots of companies trying to sell you more and more add-ons to adobe/lightroom/aperture etc...its kind no stop in your face processing mayhem and its all about making you part with money and join another training course.. if you understand what I mean.

I like my Canon 40D and it serves me well in most circumstances, but the film just has that appeal and it also kinda forces you to think more about what you are going with the composition of any shot. Its a slower pace and I think its worth going back to it for a while.

I am on that new learning curve but for the old way, so my dependency on my light meter will probably go up..

I am hoping to get my A1 back from its full service in the next couple of weeks and I will spend a little time getting used used to driving it...!